Teams and Territories

Teams & Territories


This module was created to enable the ability to group Agents by Teams and Territories, aside from an Agent Hierarchy. In general, a Team is a group of individuals (or otherwise) that are working toward the same goal but are not necessarily grouped by location. A Territory is similar but is grouped by location, such “Southwest Region”.


The same process is involved to create a Team or Territory, so let’s show you how to create a Team:


·      First, choose the Agents menu tab, then select Teams & Territories in the sub-menu, then “Teams”.

·      In the top right of the page, select “+ Add Team”.

·      A box will appear.


·      Input a Team Name and then Search for Agents. Once you find the Agent to include on the team, click the Agent and they will appear as a “Member”.

·      Once the Members have been chosen, be sure to choose who should manage the Team by clicking the button under “Manager”.

Each team can only have one Manager. The Agent chosen will have the ability to view the progress of the entire Team by viewing the Dashboard on the Team’s page.