Agent Hierarchy


Agent Hierarchy 

To view the hierarchy, go to the Agents tab in the menu, then select the Agents sub-menu, then click “Hierarchy”.

·      If no Hierarchy has been selected, the Agents name will be shown on the Hierarchy page but will not have an arrow icon beside the name. 

·      If a Hierarchy has been selected (Company and Parent added), then click the arrow beside the Company or Parent Agent, which will then display the downline.

To edit an Agent Hierarchy, choose “Agents” in the main menu, select the “Agents” sub-category,  then click “List”. 

From here, click the “Pencil” icon beside Agent you would like to edit, then find the Assignment section on the right side of the page. To Assign a Company or Parent Agent, simply click “Yes” to enable the function and type in the “Assign Company” or “Parent Agent” fields to find create the Agent’s upline.