Activity Overview Report

The Activity Overview Report is meant to serve as a real-time dashboard of your team’s activity and results.

The Activity Overview report shows activity metrics for a specific date range. Under the CRM tab on the left side, select the Reporting tab to open the Activity Overview Report. You can filter and customize the report by Clear View, Users, time frame, and dozens of different activity metrics.

Filtering the report

By Clear View
At the top right of the page, you can filter your Activity Overview Report by any of your Clear Views. Browse all of your Clear Views or use the search box at the top to narrow things down.

By user
At the top right of the page, you can filter by users. You can select all users, all active users, or all inactive users. You can also use the search bar, or expand the Active and Inactive lists to manually (de)select individual users.

By date range
Select the date range for the report at the top left of the page. You can set the report to All Time, limit it to a pre-populated option (like “Today” or “This quarter”), or create a custom date range.

Comparing date ranges
If you’ve selected a date range other than “All Time,” you’ll be able to compare your activity metrics against another date range. Once you select your comparison date range, you’ll see the percentage change for each metric on the activity metric tiles.

Customizing the report

You can customize your report metrics directly on a metric tile, or by using the Reporting Metric button at the top right of the report.

Using the Reporting Metric button

Click the Reporting Metric button in the top right and select the metrics you want in your Activity Overview Report using the checkboxes.

On the tile:

Hover over the tile and click X to remove the metric.
Click the dropdown on the tile to change the metric.
Click and drag the lines at the bottom of the tile to move the metric to a different spot.
Click on the blue metric number to see all leads that are related to that metric. (e.g. If you click the metric for All Calls, you’ll be taken to a search showing all of the leads those calls are logged on.)

Metric types

Activity metrics separated into five categories. Here are the categories (along with some additional details defining metric terms):

Note: “External” calls are manually logged*
Note: “Created for” Opportunities are Opportunities that others team members created for your selected user(s)*


To display the leaderboard, click the Reporting Metric button in the top right and select “Show Leaderboard.”

When displayed, the leaderboard will appear on the right side of your Activity Overview Report. You can select the metric for your leaderboard using the dropdown at the top of the board.